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Takgene began with the passion of Mrs. Maryam Tajabadi who launched probiotic industry to contribute to the health and happiness of people and continuous innovation in the health-oriented food industry. She also founded the Society of Probiotics and Functional Foods in Iran to increase the scientific potential of country. Pursuing her dreams on the "Microorganisms as the invisible empires on earth", she began her PhD. to be a beneficial entrepreneur for her country. In this regard and in order to help people improving their lifestyle, she started the first study on the "isolation and identification of new potential probiotics from traditional Iran dairy products". The founders of this company established Takgene in 2009 and later in 2012 launched the “Zist Mahsool” specialized laboratory in the field of food microbiology and probiotics in Iran. This was the beginning of the history of Takgene, which is now popular over the country and the first probiotics manufacturer in the Middle East


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