The 21th exhibition of livestock, poultry and related industries


The 21th International Exhibition of Livestock, Poultry and Related Industries was held on 3-6 September 2022 at Tehran International Exhibition.
The international livestock and poultry exhibition is held with the aim of transferring and exchanging knowledge and technology between the livestock and poultry industry activists of Iran and other advanced countries. Attending this exhibition is a good opportunity to meet with a wide range of managers of associations and unions, officials and senior government officials, experts, investors, breeders of livestock and poultry farms, distributors and suppliers of industrial equipment, feed industries, pharmaceutical and vaccine companies from inside and abroad.
On the other hand, the transfer and exchange of knowledge and technology between the activists of Iran’s livestock and poultry industry and other advanced countries and familiarization with the latest scientific and research achievements in this industry is an important step in the direction of improving Iran’s animal husbandry and veterinary economy.
Knowledge-based Tekgene Company was also present in this exhibition as a producer and exporter of probiotic products (including all kinds of supplements and feed for livestock, poultry and aquatics).
Source: the website of the organizer of livestock and poultry exhibition – Milad Mobtaker

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