Fish Yersiniosis Vaccine


Yersiniosis disease, with Yersinia ruckeri agent, is one of the most prevalent bacterial diseases in Iran’s trout farms, causing significant economic losses.

Yersiniosis Vaccine (Antiyersin)

• AntiYersin is an effective vaccine against Yersiniosis that has been prepared using virulent strains of Yersinia ruckeri in domestic trout farms.
• If fish are infected with this disease, the survival rate in vaccinated fish is 70% higher than the survival rate in unvaccinated fish.
• This vaccine protects fish against disease for at least 180 days.

Quantity and Method of Application

• Shake the vaccine bottle completely before application.
• Dissolve 1 liter of the vaccine in 9 liters of water. Up to 100 kg of fish can be vaccinated with this amount.
• To vaccinate the fish, soak them in the vaccine bath for 1-2 minutes with proper aeration.
• Depending on the required physiological temperature: Vaccinate the fish at the right temperature (trout should be vaccinated at 11-16 ° C).
• Vaccinating the sick fish should be prevented.
• After vaccination, transfer the fish to a storage pond with sufficient oxygen.
• To ensure safety during the farming period, it is recommended to administer the booster vaccine 40-45 days after the first stage.


• In a dry place and at temperatures between 2-8 °C.

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