Takgene Cosmetic


Takgene was established as a science-based company to produce different kinds of probiotic products. Newly this company offers a line of probiotic dermo-cosmetic products that benefits from a unique scientific approach to prevent and help treat different skin disorders and the healthy of the skin. The philosophy of the Nutra brand is based on the use of probiotic complexes specific to products to improve skin and hair health. These products are built on the power of probiotics and postbiotics to promote healthy skin.

Nutra Cream brand was born by an innovative and creative team with strong scientific support and the use of the most advanced technology in the world and the idea of ​​improving and meeting the needs of the skin of the face and body.
The Nutra brand was born in a company that specializes in the production of probiotics and has been active in various industrial fields for more than a decade.

the vision of Nutra Cream brand:

With the aim of improving the quality of the use of health products in the daily skin routines of Iranian smart consumers, we have started to produce different products that have been implemented for the first time in Iran to bring the knowledge of the world day into the domestic market and the consumer to Reach our consumer values. The implementation of this valuable project is the result of years of research and scientific studies by a creative and innovative team. We intend to offer a product portfolio that, by its distinctiveness, reduces the need to use foreign brands and helps treat diseases and a variety of skin conditions in the community. One of the biggest goals of producing Nutra Cream brand is to help the medical community to meet the skin needs of their patients with different products and the lowest cost. The product portfolio of Nutra Cream brand will include a set of products that meet all the needs of the skin of the face, body and hair, which will reach the production stage in different phases of time. We are proud to have taken a big step in this industry by launching a different project of producing health products with a new formula and using probiotics for the first time in Iran.

Hydrating Cream
Moisturizing Face Fluid
Cream Cleanser
Lightening Lotion
Acne & Pimple Lotion
Hydrating and Nutritive (Leave in Hair)
Hydrating and Nutritive (Rinse of Hair)

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