One of the most important and important cases in the process of treating damaged and sensitive skin is to provide and improve hydration power, cell regeneration, to create an effective scientific treatment process, to reduce inflammation and itching that disrupts a person’s daily life.
The presence of these beneficial microorganisms prevents the growth and proliferation of pathogenic bacteria and improves the function of the skin’s defense barrier.
Recently, hair dermatologists and beauty experts recommend strengthening the skin’s natural flora with topical probiotics instead of disinfecting the skin to kill pathogenic bacteria and treat acne.
Probiotics are beneficial microorganisms that, if consumed in sufficient quantities, can cause health effects in the host body. These beneficial microorganisms help improve and strengthen the skin’s immune system and defense barrier by increasing the expression of binding proteins between skin cells.

Product performance

• Help treat skin diseases such as eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis
• Moisturizing and maintaining the skin’s natural moisture
• Relieve inflammation and itching caused by physical and chemical stimuli
• A change in the repair of skin lesions due to the presence of beneficial microorganisms FRIENDLY BACTRIAL (probiotic)
• Helps regenerate damaged layers of skin in all areas of the body
• Integration of the skin’s defense barrier and antimicrobial function due to the presence of probiotics
• Maintain the acidic pH of the skin surface by improving the function of the defense barrier

Types of skin types:

Oily skin: Always shiny. It has open pores. It has pimples or is very prone to pimples. Excessive secretion of fat and thick horny layer.
Dry skin: No fat. Matte with fine wrinkles. It feels like a deep stretch. It is often dehydrated.
Combination skin: In the T-zone, the face is oily and in the V-zone, the face is dry, resulting in a combination of oily and dry skin symptoms.
Normal-skin: is velvety, with no acne and even in color.

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