About Us

Takgene was established in 2004 as a science based company in order to produce different kind of probiotic products. This company is the sole company in the country that is dedicated to produce various types of functional microorganisms for food industry.
Takgene company has managed to get all the needed approvals and licenses from Ministry of industry, mine and trade and Ministry of health as well as food and drug administration and veterinary organization in Iran. All the products are manufactured in clean rooms under international standards and guidelines such as ISO 9001 and GMP. With the production capacity of 6000 tons annually Takgene can compete with best producers in Europe.
Takgene products could be divided into 5 major categories:


The primary objective of this company is to offer products on the basis of native strains compatible with microbial flora of Iranian people with a quality in full compliance with international standards. Therefore, Takgene Research and Development Unit, benefiting from more than 10 years of purposeful research by top experts, has collected over 700 strains of lactic acid bacteria native to Iran. These strains were evaluated according to international standards and were marketed after carrying out meticulous laboratory and clinical studies with the cooperation of prestigious domestic and international universities and obtaining the necessary licenses. The mission of Takgene, as one of the leading knowledge-based companies, involves providing targeted products to prevent and help treat different diseases. These studies led to the production of various probiotic supplements along with more than 10 patents and dozens of reports and articles called BIO Brand belonging to this company.


These products are available in the market as BioKid, BioLance and BioLact (for kids) BioDiab (for diabetic patients) BioIBS (for intestinal problems) BioFem (for female) BioDigest (for digestive system) and BioFlora (improving immune system). These products can guarantee maintaining and improving health for different age groups.


Livestock probiotic supplements are available in three major categories:
• Cattle, sheep and goat: UPro & DiPro, DiPro Plus, ToxEat
• Poultry: LactoFeed, TechZyme, DiPro, ToxEat, DiPro Plus
• Aqua culture: DiPro, LactoFeed, ToxEat & TakCell for shrimp culture
• Equine: EquiLact & EquiPro
• Honey Bee: ProGen
• Aqua culture vaccine: Antiyersin & GaroVac
Using domestic probiotics and distributing the products in high quality packages along with competitive prices are the key points to TAKGENE success in the market.


Ugene, Progene and Takgene BC probiotics are used in food products in the country. They can resist heating and cooling processes while keeping their quality for 2 years. Right now famous companies like MINOO, GORJI, SAHAR BREAD COMPANY, DORNA and other manufacturers are using Takgene products in their process.


Takgene decided to use national and international dairy expert’s experiences in order to produce dairy starters. Five years of uninterrupted hard work and cooperation of professional scientists had led to production of complete collection of dairy starters and probiotics.


Recently, hair dermatologists and beauty experts recommend strengthening the skin’s natural flora with topical probiotics instead of disinfecting the skin to kill pathogenic bacteria and treat acne. With the aim of improving the quality of the use of health products in the daily skin routines of Iranian smart consumers, we have started to produce different products that have been implemented for the first time in Iran to bring the knowledge of the world day into the domestic market and the consumer to Reach our consumer values.


Lactovgene started its activity in 2019 as the first accelerator company in field of microbial biotechnology, food and probiotic production. lactovgene was established to support scientific society, biology activists and investors in order to design and commercialize new inventions and products.
Takgene gains its success by recruiting professionals, advanced technology and scientific bases. Takgene main mission is to improve quality of life in society that could be possible only by efficient team work.
Takgen complete microbial bank that was gathered from domestic microorganism in fermented products during 15 years and implementation of international quality and safety standards like HACCP, GMP and ISO9001, have made it possible to response to emerging needs in industry. Takgene is one of the few companies that not only offers best quality in its products but also offers full support to its customers. Takgen values its customers by conducting clinical trials for human supplements and farm trials for its livestock supplements, transmitting science to manufacturers in food industry and offering research and development services.
Takgene has been interested in entering international market since the beginning and all its effort and achievements are toward this goal. Takgene is now honored by not only being successful and accepted in internal market but also being able to enter export market as well. Now takgene is proud that it is based on Iranian intelligence and it has proven that producing a technologic product that will raise appreciation in international market is absolutely possible.


Novagen Pharmed is a start-up and dynamic company which operates in I.R.I.
health system under supervision of professional Medical departments, marketing and sales whit the aim of pharmaceutical marketing sector for Takgene holding.

In this company, scientific trainings is trained by Medical department and marketing and sales strategies are proposed by marketing and sales departments to human recourses and also pharmaceutical products are introduced by scientific representatives to medical and pharmacy society as well as all treatment staffs.

Production of super-useful products inside the country with world class quality is the main aim of Takgene which consumption in domestic markets and also export to many countries is its achievements and also this group intends to develop its export activities.


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