Shrimp native probiotic product compatible with high salinity and high temperature of water. Shrimp and Shrimp breeding contain:


Bacillus subtilis IS02 2/5×1011 CFU/kg


• Pellet and extruded feed factories
• Food supplements manufactures
• Shrimp culture farms

Amount and Method of Use

In the pool preparation time: 500 g of probiotic per hectare, dissolved in sea water should be added to the water at the time of initial supplying with water
In the culture period: for a density of less than 100 pieces per square meter, every 10 days 250 g probiotics and for a density of more than 100 shrimps per square meter, every 10 days 500 g probiotic per hectare in pool water.
Suitable for shrimp feed mills with pellet and extruded methods: At all stages of production, 1 kilogram of probiotic per ton of raw material for food production could be added.
Directly useable in water for shrimp culture tanks from the zoa stage to the end of the post larval stage: Every 3 days, 1 g in 1000 liters (1 m3) could be added to the tank’s water containing various stages of shrimp larvae

Properties and Effects

• Increase production
• Increase Survivability
• Increase Growth Indicators
• Reduction of useless bacteria and prevention of disease
• Control of the production of black soil in the pool’s floor
• Resistant to pellet and extruded temperature
• Resistant to salinity and high water temperatures
• Decrease feed conversion ratio

The Mechanism of Action

TakCell, as a native shrimp probiotic, contains the most beneficial and dominant bacteria from the shrimp gastrointestinal tract. This product has been produced and marketed by Takgene Company, the only industrial manufacturer of probiotics in Iran, after numerous experiments and the global registration of its bacteria in the Shrimp Research Institute of Iran.


In a dry place and at temperatures below 25 °C.

Best Time

Up to 24 months after production date.


1 kg in three-layer packages.

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